5 Biggest Air Conditioning Mistakes You Can Easily Avoid

5 Biggest Air Conditioning Mistakes You Can Easily Avoid

The world is constantly moving and thriving towards a better tomorrow but the hot and humid climate. What happens when you ignore the maintenance of air conditioning? It decreases the system’s efficiency, increases energy bills, and then your AC would require constant repairs.

We have put together a list by considering expert advice from professionals at Coles Air Conditioning Newcastle. If you address these common mistakes at regular intervals, the AC will work fine throughout the year.

Not cleaning/changing the filter

By far, this is the barest minimum stuff you could do. Cleaning the filter and changing the HVAC every three months is crucial. You can also choose to clean it regularly to avoid changing it.

It is important to change air filters often if your house has pets or if the family is large. If a filter is dirty, it could significantly increase the overall energy cost by 5% to 15%.

Skipping maintenance

Almost everyone in the world takes their cooling systems for granted ultimately. However, when things go wrong with the AC, we blame manufacturers, distributors, or even retailers. In an AC, the indoor, as well as the outdoor units, are quite intricate. An AC has several components that require working together to make it work.

When you hire trained technicians, they could quickly identify the potential issues before the bad news breaks out with necessary repairs and cleaning at the time of inspection.

Not cleaning coils and fins

The coils and fins of the air conditioners aid evaporators in the house while condensing the outside of the environment. The process further helps to release heat. By the looks of it, the process to move heat is exponentially crucial. Nevertheless, there are always external factors like grime and dust that impede the coils and fins.

If you happen to be one of the people who do not check coils, then you must. The dust and grimes will not only cost you money, but somewhat also decrease efficiency. At the beginning of summer, clean the air conditioner and keep tabs on it from time to time.

Not setting or updating thermostat

Most of the households are taken away with the magnificence of programmable thermostats. They allow users to set up temperatures several times 24/7. They save you money and manage the overall cooling without having to keep an eye on the room’s temperature. These thermostats also learn about the working of your room, and they accommodate consistent schedules.

Avoiding replacement

The cost to replace an air conditioning appliance is often high. But upgrading the air conditioners every few years is a great way to ensure that your home is well ventilated. When air conditioners become old, they not only perform poorly but also make a fortune for repairs. The old models also offer less efficiency as compared to the new ones.

If your air conditioning unit is around 10 years+ old, you should replace them. It is wise to invest in the new and highly energy-efficient variants as per Coles Air Conditioning in Newcastle.