3 Designers Who Are Making Fabulous Kurtis

3 Designers Who Are Making Fabulous Kurtis

Ornate and elaborate style in apparels has always been an important part of Indian culture. When you see the carvings and sculptures on the walls of the ancient temples, or see the period pieces being made for the television or big screen, you will notice how extravagant the costumes and the accessories are. We Indians have a love for grandeur and regality, and nothing reflects it better than our clothing. We might prefer the beiges over the reds and convenience over lavishness for our everyday routine. But when it comes to occasions like festivals or weddings, we leave no stone unturned to dig up the best of outfits. After sari, kurtis are the most preferred attire by Indian women for any occasion, no matter how big or small. Be it long, straight-cut, printed kurtis for a dinner or embellished anarkalis for best friend’s wedding – kurtis work everywhere.

Every fashion house in India puts their best designers in line to come up with new and uncommon designs for kurtis every day, matching the demand of the market and the demographics they want to serve. But other than the retailers, who make them in large batches, Indian fashion designers also contribute to the latent demand of beautiful kurtis with exotic designs. India has a long list of designers who work on fashionable kurtis, but some of them definitely stand out in the crowd. Here are 3 Indian designers who make fabulous kurtis for women like you:

  • Sabyasachi Mukherjee

Hailing from Kolkata, Sabyasachi Mukherjee is not just a designer, he is a brand. Every big name in India has been associated with his brand Sabyasachi for the important occasions of their life, especially wedding. Although more known for his saris, there are very few designers in India who make as good kurtis as he does. His philosophy behind everything he creates is the “personalized imperfections of the human hand”. For decades he has brought together different types of textiles, crafting styles, earthy shades and gothic hues to create the best of best. His clothing lines are not just apparels, they reflect women from different strata of society and different standard of life. Hardly anyone has ever been able to capture the true Indian traditional style in kurtis, as Sabyasachi has.

  • Ritu Kumar

Another stalwart in Indian fashion designing, Ritu Kumar is known for bringing ancient Indian textiles and crafting of those textiles to the world. She works with the traditional cotton, silk and linen weavers who do the actual work of spinning, weaving and coloring the yarns. Her trust in the hands and creativity of these rural people instead of typical, machine-made designs has set her apart from the rest. Her designs reflect the style of the modern Indian woman, but also pay tribute to the traditionalism.

  • Manish Malhotra

Any list of Indian fashion designers is incomplete without Manish Malhotra. The King of Couture has been making traditional wear for women for decades now. Though we see him mostly working in Bollywood, but his store outlets sell the perfect kurtis for the modern women – anarkalis, angrakahs, floor lengths, asymmetrical – everything you can dream of. The eye dazzling silhouettes that catch your attention on screen can be yours too, thanks to Manish Malhotra.

The best part about kurtis made by designers is that they are not created keeping in mind what the customer is already willing to buy. In modern time custom embroidery digitizing Designers design their clothes so that the customer can see it is nothing like they have ever seen or owned or worn before, and then decide to buy.

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